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Unify your staff under one rallying point: the overarching goal

What does every sports team clearly know and understand? A common goal! No team takes the field without every player being aware of the overall goal and plan for the play or the game. Imagine a football team trying to score without all team members knowing their end zone. There would be a lot a multi-directional running and tacking, and very little, if any, scoring. Knowing... Read More

Dialogue is taught in the family – Pope Francis on World Communications Day

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons I grew up at the advent of technology. The sound of a dial up connection conjures childhood memories for me. I was gifted with a fancy laptop at 16 and haven’t looked back since. Technology is just a part of life for people my age. It’s not a new way to communicate – it’s THE way to communicate. But Pope Francis reminded me of something... Read More

#CRSMedia goes to Tanzania

Each year, Catholic Relief Services invites members of the Catholic media to visit one of the nations they serve to raise awareness of the needs of the poor around the world. This year, Lisa Hendey of, Matt Swaim of the Sonrise Morning Show, Drew Mariani of Relevant Radio’s The Drew Mariani Show and Matthew Bunson, a prolific Catholic author, will visit... Read More

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