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The Christian Cure for Control Freak-itis

Painting by: Brian Jekel   Courtney Edmonds is a Social Media Strategist for the Kennedy Brownrigg Group I wouldn’t classify myself as a bossy person.  In fact, I am pretty laid back.  My colleagues at the Kennedy Brownrigg Group unanimously voted me as the ‘chill one’.  However, it hasn’t always been this way.  When my friends from college and... Read More

The Marriage Reality Movement: Next Steps

Carrie Kline is a Client Marketing Strategist for The Kennedy Brownrigg Group   When the Supreme Court decision to redefine marriage was announced on Friday, we at KBG were geared to promote our client and friend, Bill May, President of Catholics for the Common Good Institute (CCGI), as a first responder.  Despite the grim news, it was a wonderfully frenetic day of coordinating... Read More

Recovering from Big Mistakes: 4 Action Items

  Sherry Brownrigg is a Senior Partner of Kennedy Brownrigg Group and specializes in Strategic Marketing and Communications I was a new entrepreneur just getting my business started. My role in the company was making sure everything got done. All the time. And done right. In that role, I failed. The mistake cost me $7000. It was a tough lesson, and led to the question... Read More

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