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Surefire Motivators: Getting Back to Your Roots

I love microphones.  Actually, I love talking into them, and over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of doing that on a regular basis. I’ve served as a regular fill-in host for my dear friend, Teresa Tomeo, on her show, “Catholic Connection”. The show has required that I get up extra early. Hosting takes a 4-hour bite out of my day, but what energy... Read More

Roadblocks and Ministry: The Great Commission

At the Kennedy Brownrigg Group, we have the privilege of working with some incredibly zealous Catholic Christians.   They are people who, against all odds, work tirelessly to expand the presence of goodness in the world. Whether it be a nurse in a clinic, the head of an international humanitarian organization, or the genius behind a push for good public policy, these people... Read More

Facebook: Keeping in Touch versus True Enjoyment

A picture taken of me, my friend Abby and Jesus of the Ozarks on a recent weekend road trip.   “There are no shortcuts in love.” The first lines of this week’s homily hit me like a ton of bricks. Father Mark could have stopped at that, and I would have had enough spiritual food for thought and prayer to last me the entire week. I am always amazed at how the simplest... Read More

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