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    The Kennedy Brownrigg Group was created for you. Whether you’re a Catholic organization seeking to tell the story of your mission, or you’re a Catholic radio apostolate striving to employ best practices as you answer the call to a New Evangelization, the Kennedy Brownrigg Group exists for only one reason: to help you achieve your mission. Now…how can we help you?
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Fulton Sheen, Catholic media and the need for saintly intercession

Venerable Fulton J. Sheen Whenever I’m in New York City, my thoughts turn to Venerable Fulton Sheen. So many stories of his saintliness take place on the streets of Manhattan. During my most recent trip to attend the Pontifical Mission Societies’ benefit for the Missionary Sisters of Mater Ecclesiae in Rome, activities and meetings prevented me from visiting his tomb in... Read More

Stay steadfast to your mission: Christianity depends on it

When the Lord tells you the work he has for you – it can be freedom and heaviness all at once. You have your mission – and the Lord entrusts you to do the work. But because we are all human, our zeal for that mission can wane over time. Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete, physicist and priest As I was perusing the Catholic blogosphere the other day, I came across a well-written... Read More

Person-to-person evangelization: planning your outreach program

Okay, okay. Your small group outreach program might not be as picturesque as this…but it’s good to dream, right? When developing outreach programs for your parish or organization, research and experience show that small groups are the way to go. An experience where participants can build a sense of community and fellowship with other like-minded Catholics opens... Read More

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