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    The Kennedy Brownrigg Group was created for you. Whether you’re a Catholic organization seeking to tell the story of your mission, or you’re a Catholic radio apostolate striving to employ best practices as you answer the call to a New Evangelization, the Kennedy Brownrigg Group exists for only one reason: to help you achieve your mission. Now…how can we help you?
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The most important thing the Synod taught me: Gratitude for Gospel Truth

Rachel Cooley is Director of Marketing at The Kennedy Brownrigg Group We’ve been following the flurry of press around the Synod on the Family. Headlines might as well have read “Backwards Church finally admits that secular culture is right about everything.” Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But unfortunately, it’s not that far off. No matter your opinion on the... Read More

Increase Staying Power on Social Media with Photography

Creating a Center of Interest Part 3.1  Depth of Field (Missed the other posts? Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.)   Empty space is a phrase that is thrown around often in Graphic Design and Advertising circles.  By connecting ‘empty’ with the word space, we are left with an impression of vacancy, openness, simplicity and room to move.  However, it can also present... Read More

Called to the mission of the evangelists

If you’re baptized, you’re a missionary! Each year, the Pontifical Mission Societies of the United States reaches out to each Catholic, asking them to participate in the healing work of missionaries around the world. World Mission Sunday (October 19) is an annual day of solidarity and a call to generosity as the Church gathers prayers and funds to support the mission... Read More

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