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Hey, Interns! Here are four tips for summer success

In my 20 professional years, I have worked with interns of all kinds. Some fantastic, and some who couldn’t even answer the phone properly. I do believe that internships are a great and necessary part of any college and post-college experience. Among the perks are networking, portfolio building, and gaining valuable hands-on skills one can’t get in the classroom. But an... Read More

One, holy, catholic, apostolic family in Christ

Matthew Lomanno Earlier this week, I ran across this article in the New Hampshire magazine that featured Catholic blogger Simcha Fisher’s family titled “What’s it like to live in a family of 12?” The beginning of the article cited the rarity of such a family size and features a series of photos to help readers get a taste of the experience. My favorite quote was from... Read More

Crush evil with the sword of the Rosary

Lately, news has been grim. Headline after headline reminds us that freedom to practice the Christian faith in peace is a gift to be treasured. Earlier this year, I wrote about confronting the evil of ISIS with your own good works and am inspired further by the prayer experience of an African Bishop. The article recounts his experience: “Towards the end of last year I was... Read More

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