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    The Kennedy Brownrigg Group was created for you. Whether you’re a Catholic organization seeking to tell the story of your mission, or you’re a Catholic radio apostolate striving to employ best practices as you answer the call to a New Evangelization, the Kennedy Brownrigg Group exists for only one reason: to help you achieve your mission. Now…how can we help you?
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The most important thing to share on social media – Christ!

We all use social media. But how do we use it to build up the Kingdom of God – now that is the question. Pope Francis snaps a selfie with some teens in Italy. He’s using social media to build the Kingdom of God – why not you? Photo Credit: AP Images As a Catholic organization, you have things to share on social media. You’ve posted about events, giving opportunities,... Read More

What’s in a plan? Developing your apostolate with purpose

Kate SellSenior Partner, planning and development Even the best ideas and missions need a proper plan for launch and an effective in-house tool for project management. I see it time and again with organizations I have encountered in the faith-based spaced: they have a mission, they have a creative vision, they have charismatic leaders, they have talented staff – but they... Read More

Don’t miss KBG at the Catholic Radio Conference in Birmingham

Kate Sell (left) and Sherry Brownrigg (right), senior partners at the Kennedy Brownrigg Group One of our favorite weeks of the year is approaching – the week we get together with Catholic radio apostolates and share our passion for evangelization through media at the annual Catholic Radio Conference in Birmingham. It’s a Catholic kid’s wonderland, really. Mass at the... Read More

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