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    The Kennedy Brownrigg Group was created for you. Whether you’re a Catholic organization seeking to tell the story of your mission, or you’re a Catholic radio apostolate striving to employ best practices as you answer the call to a New Evangelization, the Kennedy Brownrigg Group exists for only one reason: to help you achieve your mission. Now…how can we help you?
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  • Our mission is to help you achieve yours.

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10 annoying daily experiences that can build up your spiritual life

Last week, New Advent linked a list of top 10 daily experiences that you can make more enjoyable. We thought it would be fun to turn this list into something that would help us build up spiritual strength. So without further ado, top 10 daily experiences that you can use to build up your spiritual life. 1. Make the most of a long commute. A long commute would drive anyone crazy.... Read More

God gives you a mission and the grace to accomplish it

I was struggling. There was a miscommunication about a client’s current situation, and I was working day and night to re-write an big project I had already completed. I whined to my business partner; I whined to my husband; I even whined to my dog. They all gave me sympathy and encouragement (my dog gifted me with a sweet lick on the nose), but it all felt strangely empty. Then... Read More

Catholic and Professional – can it be?

Yes it can! Just because you are a Catholic faith-based organization does not mean you can’t and shouldn’t be just as professional and effective as any secular organization. You owe it to those your serve, to the Church and to Christ. True, there are obstacles such as funding, staff and other limited resources. But there is nothing stopping you from becoming just as successful... Read More

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