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    The Kennedy Brownrigg Group was created for you. Whether you’re a Catholic organization seeking to tell the story of your mission, or you’re a Catholic radio apostolate striving to employ best practices as you answer the call to a New Evangelization, the Kennedy Brownrigg Group exists for only one reason: to help you achieve your mission. Now…how can we help you?
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Increase staying power on social media with photography

Creating a Center of Interest:  Part 1 This post is part of a three part series from social media specialist, Courtney Edmonds.   Courtney Edmonds, social media specialist COMPETE WELL In our fast paced, high tech world, contemplation is a rarity— a picture has to not only grab a viewer’s attention, but it must keep it.  Essentially, you are competing for people’s... Read More

Does your brand need help?

You’ve heard it before – a clear, consistent brand is the cornerstone of success. And guess what? I’ll say it again! In fact, we’ll go further: You can’t afford not to brand your organization in the best & most specific way possible. There are so many messages competing for souls out there – many of those messages are evil. Your mission... Read More

Reach the right people with this important checklist

Sherry Brownrigg, Senior Partner, Strategic Marketing & Communications I love studying communication theory. Okay, you may not want to invite me to your party, unless you love hearing the differences between qualitative and quantitative research and the finer points of null hypotheses and textural descriptions. But I’ve found that communication theory can help us look... Read More

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